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Payroll Management

We provide an end to end payroll service for all businesses at very affordable price. Payroll management will make it very convenient for you to handle employee’s payment process.

* Offer valid for a limited time period only.

  • Compensation Design

    We will provide you notes on how to structure salaries of your employees. We will also help you in preparing employment agreements.

  • Maintenance of Records

    We will maintain all records related to your employee like leave records, absence, bonus, increments and income tax returns.

  • Salary Slip

    We will generate salary slips for your employees each month.

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What is Payroll Management?

Keeping the records related to your employees is a necessity for all the business to run smoothly. So, all employers should maintain the records of the following aspects:

  • Number of employees
  • Salaries paid to the employees
  • Deduction of taxes on their salaries
  • Income tax payment
  • Number of leaves taken by employees
  • Increments and bonus

It is a tedious and time-consuming task to maintain the above records by in-house team if your business is not that large.So, payroll management is required as soon as you start hiring your employees.It is required from a legal and compliance standpoint also to avoid any future complications.

Advantages of Payroll Management

Well versed Decisions

With the help of reports,you can take well versed decisions related to your employee attendance, leaves, expenses, increments and bonus. With the help of our payroll management services, you will have all required datato take decisions.

Stay Compliant

As soon as you opt for payroll services, all compliance-related issues will be handled smoothly. We will handle all issues related to employee taxes, leave records and generation of payslips.

Access to Templates

Our in-built templates will help you with employment agreements related task. We will also help you in providing any other documentation you require.

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