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Trademark Objection

The trademark office can raise issue against your trademark application. Our experts will help you find the best solution to take further action.

* Offer valid for a limited time period only.

  • Notice of objection

    We will evaluate the implications of the notice of trademark objection.

  • Affidavit Preparation

    We will prepare the formal affidavit which will address the objections related to the trademark.

  • First Interview

    If needed, our lawyer along with you will attend the first interview.

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What is a Trademark Objection?

The trademark office can raise issue against your trademark application. There can be various reasons for objection to your application. It may be due to use of the word or logo too much similar to an existing trademark. If approved, it can create the state of confusion.
You will come to know about the objections either after Examination Report has been published online or your lawyer have received it. You should file your response to this objection within a month from it. If you failed to do so, the application can be rejected by the Registrar here itself.

Why Respond to a Trademark Objection?

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Application Likely to Clear

If you submit your response that proves the individuality of your trademark, your applications will most likely be cleared. If you do not submit your response, the application can be rejected by the Registrar here itself.

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Brand Protection

By the time you face the objections to your trademark application, you will have been using the ™ symbol for quite the time. Your customers would have been familiar with your brand name. If you think of filing a new application, it will waste the resources as well as time. So instead, you can provide response to the objection and clarify the issues by proving your individuality.

Trademark Objection Process

  • For handling the situation effectively, it will be best if you contact us as soon as you come to know about the objections to your application. You should keep in mind that you have to submit the response within a month from the publication of the report.
  • Our expert lawyers will get in touch with you and will understand your case. They will frame the correct response with best explanation and affidavit (if required). This response will be submitted.
  • At the interview, the arguments related to objection will be presented in person. If the government is satisfied with your response, your objection will be lifted within 18 months.

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