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Service Level Agreement

A formal document between a service provider and the end user that provides a measurable framework for the provision of that service.

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What is a Service Level Agreement?

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and the end user who will receive the service. A service level agreement is output based so it will only define the output the end user will be getting. It does not provide a roadmap of how that service will be delivered.

The various measures or metrics that are used to define the SLA are:

  • Mean time between failures
  • Reliability
  • An agreed accepted level of downtime across an agreed time frame
  • Procedure of reporting problems
  • Responsiveness
  • Support response and resolution times
  • Monitoring and reporting service levels

Advantages of a Service Level Agreement

service level agreement (SLA)

Eradication of Unrealistic Expectations

In practical scenario, Customers do not have practical knowledge of how the service works. So, they have various unrealistic expectations from the service. Customers gets frustrated when these expectations do not meet. A comprehensive SLA effectively manages these expectations by communicating the customer about the capabilities of the service provider. So, it eradicates the unrealistic expectations of the customers.

service level agreement

Simplification of Complex Issues

Customers don't have practical and technical knowledge of the service. So, theydo not understand how your service works. They just want to knowhow the service will affect them. So, the SLA lists all the issues that are likely to occur and what the immediate response will be and what measures will be taken to get it resolved if the response is not satisfactory.

Service Level Agreement Procedure

    Once you send in a request, our representative will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. If further details are required, we will contact you for the same. Once these are in, we will connect you to a verified lawyer, who will prepare the draft and send it to you for review within 3 to 4 working days.
    After reviewing the draft, if you have any clarifications or changes to make, the assigned lawyer will discuss it with you and implement them. Two rounds of such modifications will be provided at no extra cost.

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