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TDS Return

If any payment is morethan certain threshold limit, then the person or company who is making the payment need to deduct tax at source ,according to Income Tax Act.

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  • Collection of required data

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  • Preparation of filing

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  • Return filing

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All You Need to Know About Starting a Company

What is TDS Return?

The person who is deducting the TDS called a deductor has to deposit it to the government and the form of a TDS return need to be filled with all the details. A TDS return has to be filed on quarterly basis and penalty will be applied in case of not doing so.

Deductor is a person / legal entity who is deducting the Tax & remits the same to the Government by filing TDS returns. Deductee is a person/legal entity from whom the Tax has been deducted.

Due dates for filing returns:

The returns have to be filed for every quarter i.e. May 31, July 31, October 31 and January 31 for 2019-20.

Details required for TDS returns filings

  • Name of the Entity (Proprietorship/ Partnership/ Company/ LLP)
  • PAN details
  • Date of Incorporation of the business
  • Period for which TDS has to be filed
  • Last TDS filing details if any
  • TAN details
  • No of Transaction for filing TDS returns

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