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Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax is the tax collected by state government which will be applied to salaried employees and professionals like chartered accountants, lawyers and doctors etc.

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  • Checking and verifying the data

    We will perform a detailed check of all the data sent by you to verify it.

  • Expert Connect

    We will connect you to an expert to process your application further.

  • Receipt of TIN Number

    After verification process, TIN number will be issued to you within 15 days of application.

All You Need to Know About Starting a Company

What is Professional Tax Registration?

Professional Tax is a state-level tax which will be applied to salaried employees and professionals like chartered accountants, lawyers and doctors etc. The amount of tax and method of collection will differ from state to state. The maximum amount to be paid under this tax is Rs. 2500. In India, this tax is imposed every month. All states do not collect this professional tax.Professional tax registration needs to be done in 30 days of staff employment or 30 days from start of practice of a professional.

What You Need to Know

  • Different registration in Every State

    If you have employees in different states, then you will require to get a profession tax registration in each state. The amount of the tax will also change. It makes the process very cumbersome forsmall businesses.
  • Filing of Returns

    The frequency of return filing will also be varied depending on the state. Some states require you to file it annually whereas some may need it quarterly etc.
  • Penalties Applied

    The amount of penalties will also be varied depending on the state.

Professional Tax Registration Process

  • PAN cards, identity and address proofs of the proprietor/partners/directors and details of your employee need to be submitted.
  • On receiving all the details, our associate will file the professional tax application for all your employees to respective authorities. It will take almost 2 working days if your documents are in order.
  • A basic acknowledgement will be provided to you in 5 to 7 working days. The hard copy will be issued to you within 10 days in major cities whereas 15 to 20 days somewhere else.

Documents required for Online Professional Tax Registration

    The following documents will be required to register for professional tax:

  • Certificate of Incorporation, including MOA & AOA / LLP Agreement.

  • PAN card of Company/LLP which is attested by the company director

  • Place of business proof along with a NOC from the owner of the premises

  • Bank account of the company including bank statement and cancelled cheque.

  • Passport size photographs, address and identity proof from all the directors

  • Board resolution or in other words, the statement of consent by the partners.

  • Shop and establishment certificate

  • Salary register and attendance register

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